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one vote closer

October 31, 2008

I know that I am not alone in my anxiety, optimism, fear, hope, and sleepless nights.  We have, friends, 5 more days of searching for distractions. Of wishing upon shooting stars, praying to our gods, and chanting incantations to whomever listens.

 I snuck away from work early today and beelined to the courthouse.

I feel that, for the first time in a long while, I chose the BEST candidate. Not the least worst. Seeing Obama’s name on the ballot sent a shiver through me and brought tears to my eyes.

Will I sleep better tonight for having cast my vote? Nope. I’ve still got five long days of incantations.



hungry cellar

October 29, 2008

On Saturday evening my friends Kendra and Aaron hosted their second Hungry Cellar. There is a small movement that is slowly spreading through our country. It’s a movement where people who appreciate fresh, seasonal, and local foods gather together to share in the harvest’s bounty and to share conversations and a sense of community. The Hungry Cellar provides this and so much more. Not only are Kendra and Aaron creating some of the most inspired dishes sourced from local farms and gardens, but they are bringing the food together with local music, poetry and art. Both Hungry Cellars have been held at the Wonder Fair Gallery below the Casbah Market. I’ve had the great fortune to work alongside the Marables in the Hungry Cellar kitchen. The pace is fast. The music (all cassette tapes in the kitchen!) is loud. And our spirit is HIGH.

We get by with a little help from our Fisherman’s Friend.

feeling woolly

October 28, 2008

The sun is shining, but the winds are a little angry and fierce. I usually spend Sunday mornings outside drinking coffee, eating eggs, and reading the New York Times. Not so yesterday. It was too blustery to even get on my bike and ride downtown to pickup the paper. I was forced to read it online which lacks a little sparkle. On Sundays. Reading the papers online is certainly more eco-friendly, but on Sunday mornings I like my fingers to turn black and leave prints on everything. It feels right. So why am I feeling woolly? Over the course of the summer I have purchased two sheepskins from Pinwheel Farm at our local farmer’s market. Natalya is a kind gardner/sheep farmer who lives just on the outskirts of Lawrence. I never thought that I would own a dead animal skin. Let alone purchase one. But Natalya uses every bit of her lambs and sheep. You can special order the lamb’s meat; buy wool to make felt (I also purchased the wool); and then there are the sheepskins. Thick, warm and snowy white. I’ve had them lying about the house in various locations. And I always make little detours when my feet are bare so that I can walk over them. It’s a sensation that I can’t get enough of. . .nor can my cat, Miss Carlos. But last night, as the wind pressed its way in through my poorly insulated home, I grabbed the skins off of the floor and threw them on top of my bed covers. A girl has never known a better nights sleep.

something triggered

October 24, 2008

My friend Ringo called out of the blue several days ago. We probably hadn’t spoken for at least 3 or 4 yrs. Was the last time in NYC or Lincoln? I couldn’t remember and it didn’t matter. We had been real close for  a decent amount of time in our college years. He was an activist and so I went to protests to check him out. To check out his views, at least.  So the years have slid by, as they are wont to do. He called to say that he  would be coming to Lawrence to play a show. I met he and his band for dinner. I can’t imagine more wonderful people. They were spectacularly kind and their music was mind-blowing. But what I’ve taken from that evening is that real connections transcend time and space and all the bullshit in between. Ringo and I were not filled with shame or embarrassment for our lax commitment to our friendship. Instead it was tight squeezes, rapid-fire conversation, and economical glances that filled in the gaps. Doesn’t this all sound lovely? Or should I just be honest: Ringo looks amazing (he credits the use of a cream destined for a cow’s udder) and plays the banjo and sings. What the fuck? Since when?

Thought for Food

October 23, 2008

It’s only Wednesday, but my mind is on Saturday’s Farmer’s Market here in Lawrence. The stalls are fewer now. But what is there is beautiful and represents seasonal transition at its best. Tomatoes so ripe that it’s best just to throw them in the oven and slowly, slowly roast them. To be put onto thick slices of baguette or tossed with warm pasta. The winter squashes are everywhere and load down my bicycle’s baskets. And then there is the bright green of this chinese spinach. Last night I roasted an acorn squash with some poblano peppers. I pureed them with some vegetable broth and added them to a polenta that I had cooked while they roasted. So perfect on its own, but made sublime when I pan-fried the chinese spinach with some olive oil and thinly sliced garlic and placed it atop the polenta. The end of summer and the beginning of fall in one dish. Nature does this effortlessly. Why do we humans struggle so hard?

Goodbye, Indian Summer

October 22, 2008

Goodbye, gladiator sandals.

Welcome to Fall

October 16, 2008

Hello Friends. The weather has turned cool and blustery. Pumpkins, soups, and fires are on my mind right now. A welcome distraction from all things political.

I saw this pumpkin stand on the side of the Montauk Highway last year when I was scouting locations for work. This is pretty much the only season that I get inspired to decorate. I loved how Hallmark Magazine created a fantastical and evocative scene with a variety of pumpkins. Below is an example from the current issue. These pumpkins were styled by Betsy Gantt and photographed by Scott Gibbons for Hallmark Magazine.

As of yet I have not been quite so ambitious.