Thought for Food

It’s only Wednesday, but my mind is on Saturday’s Farmer’s Market here in Lawrence. The stalls are fewer now. But what is there is beautiful and represents seasonal transition at its best. Tomatoes so ripe that it’s best just to throw them in the oven and slowly, slowly roast them. To be put onto thick slices of baguette or tossed with warm pasta. The winter squashes are everywhere and load down my bicycle’s baskets. And then there is the bright green of this chinese spinach. Last night I roasted an acorn squash with some poblano peppers. I pureed them with some vegetable broth and added them to a polenta that I had cooked while they roasted. So perfect on its own, but made sublime when I pan-fried the chinese spinach with some olive oil and thinly sliced garlic and placed it atop the polenta. The end of summer and the beginning of fall in one dish. Nature does this effortlessly. Why do we humans struggle so hard?


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