something triggered

My friend Ringo called out of the blue several days ago. We probably hadn’t spoken for at least 3 or 4 yrs. Was the last time in NYC or Lincoln? I couldn’t remember and it didn’t matter. We had been real close for  a decent amount of time in our college years. He was an activist and so I went to protests to check him out. To check out his views, at least.  So the years have slid by, as they are wont to do. He called to say that he  would be coming to Lawrence to play a show. I met he and his band for dinner. I can’t imagine more wonderful people. They were spectacularly kind and their music was mind-blowing. But what I’ve taken from that evening is that real connections transcend time and space and all the bullshit in between. Ringo and I were not filled with shame or embarrassment for our lax commitment to our friendship. Instead it was tight squeezes, rapid-fire conversation, and economical glances that filled in the gaps. Doesn’t this all sound lovely? Or should I just be honest: Ringo looks amazing (he credits the use of a cream destined for a cow’s udder) and plays the banjo and sings. What the fuck? Since when?


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