maybe a yurt?


This Flickr photo that I found here has given me an idea. Actually, the idea has been floating through my mind from time-to-time for the past 16 months. Sixteen months ago I closed on a lovely piece of land in North Lawrence (NoLaw). It’s a strange swath. As awkward as a teenager. It’s dimensions are roughly 65ft. wide by 231 ft. long. A bocce ball court. A lasagna noodle. A landing strip on an impoverished island. But contained in those oddball dimensions is the BEST river bottom soil ever. A gardener could hope for no better. There is also some monster old growth trees that provide perfect late-afternoon shade. What it does not house is a house! A month after the purchase I hired an architect. 15 long months, ago. That was after several interviews/meetings with different architects and firms. Here’s a piece of free advice if you’re an architect: do not tell a prospective client that you are a green designer and then in the next breath tell them a story about shooting snapping turtles because you don’t want your kids to get bit. Perhaps teaching them to identify (or run from!) a snapping turtle would be a little kinder.  I’ve digressed. As I wade through the red tape that is the City and the Corps of Engineers I can’t help but wonder if I shouldn’t have just purchased a yurt or a hanging sphere. freespiritspheres


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