oh, holy smokes

Today I was blessed with the gift of change. Yesterday our country came together  in a collective swell and gave hope to America and to countries around the globe. I had dinner last night with my nieces in a final celebration of my birthday. They are still at the age where they insist on sitting on either side of me. Even if that means someone else has to sit at another table. Maybe even another restaurant. As I was squeezing them until their eyeballs nearly popped out I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities for their future. Maybe there won’t be so much hate, blame, war, poverty, bigotry. Maybe we will be filled with hope and inspired to daily make small contributions in an effort to better our world.

I also found a 10 dollar bill swirling amongst the blowing leaves; I spotted a bald eagle perched on a stump in a misty pond; and saw a rainbow hugging the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City. God was indeed giving a nod of recognition to our great country. I feel proud and blessed.


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