take one Pee Wee Herman and shake it with a kangaroo. . .

This video is happiness. My long, long, longtime friends Kate and Matt made this. Kate is a brilliant scientist. Matt is an extremely talented architect. But their lives are not defined by their careers and academic studies. It’s so easy to have creative ambitions, but push them aside and leave your focus on your job, your tiredness, financial worries, blah blah blah. Kate and Matt INSPIRE me. Honestly, and though I do not see them very often (AT ALL, it seems), I am continually in awe of their relationship. A wee envious, if you must know the truth. They’ve been together for nearly 15 years and the evolution of their personal creativity and selves is huge and seemingly effortless. At least from my vantage point. Maybe they throw shoes at each other during the evening. And I do wonder why every Halloween Matt is dressed as something cool (Pee Wee Herman this year) and Kate is wearing something that Matt has built and it looks uncomfortable and all-consuming. Though always clever.


 The video I posted is not a stunning examination on world politics or the subtleties of Farm Life (though if you sit with some arty wankers for long enough you may find those subtleties). What I see is two people who like to create for sheer pleasure. Rather than fartin’  around watching sitcoms. I encourage you all to visit their site and see, truly, how strange and beautiful they are. I love them! Jamper.


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