oh, you know, this & that & pinky rings

Sartorialist in Brazil

Now that the election is over I feel I can dip my toes into a small pond of superficiality. At least every now and again. I want a gold pinky ring and a fuchsia dress. Some months ago I told my friend Tina that I wanted to start sporting a pinky ring. Would she support me and still be my friend? Yes. She would stick by me. Unconditional love. That’s what we are all striving for. To give it and to receive it. Like not judging someone (me) when they declare 2008 The Year of the Turban and, then, once the absinthe wears off, declaring it No-Longer-the-Year-of-the-Turban.

A fuchsia dress may have to wait until summer, as I’m not down in Brazil with the Sartorialist, and until I lose the extra holiday pounds that I am eagerly anticipating. But I think the time has come for the pinky ring. Maybe a cuff link ring from Early Jewelry?

Early Jewelry


One Response to “oh, you know, this & that & pinky rings”

  1. tulle + boozieness = fun « Says:

    […] may recallĀ that I undeclared 2008 the Year of the Turban, but there seems to be a growing body of evidence […]

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