and so time passes

flickr fog

I’m a commuter. A horrible, horrible, un-green greenie. I bought a hybrid 3 yrs. ago to quell some of my disgust for myself. When that didn’t work I joined a carpool. A vanpool to be exact. I ride it as often as I can, though sometimes my schedule does not allow for it. The self-hatred of being a commuter still lingers. Like a fog. Today I rode in with the ladies. Immediately I dozed off (sleep eludes me when I’m lying in bed at night). I could hear the quiet murmur of chatter and Steely Dan playing quietly on the radio (classic rock is a carpool standard). I awoke to see the skyline of Kansas City. The Western Auto building. The Liberty Memorial. I blinked a few times feeling terribly confused. Have we been stuck in traffic? Why are we just now leaving Kansas City?  The fog lifted and I was flooded with the realization that not only am I a carbon spewing member of corporate America, but I’m also a confused girl who is actually just STARTING her day. It’s worse than waking up thinking it’s Friday when it’s really just Wednesday. Mean world.


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