img_0738-2O, with the help of one Fernando I have successfully fixed my computer. I took apart the tower and all! I did get a bit sweaty and wanted to kick something really hard, but I held fast and here we are. And, before you judge, I DO know how to spell ‘skills’, it’s just that my wanky alphabet is missing some letters. Lame.

Post Script: I have NOT texted since I made my earlier declaration. Maybe 2009 will be the Year of No Texting? Doubtful. But I will use it wisely.


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  1. first things first « Says:

    […] few readers that expecting some good how-to-wallow-in-misery ideas is rather futile? Well, as I DID fix my computer by myself I decided that I could also find my own way in this bath of despair. I turned, almost instantly, […]

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