first things first

Am I to believe that I’m the only one who has suffered heartache? Or is it that I really have so few readers that expecting some good how-to-wallow-in-misery ideas is rather futile? Well, as I DID fix my computer by myself I decided that I could also find my own way in this bath of despair. I turned, almost instantly, to my friend A.J.’s blog and have decided to make this. Today is my friend Kylie’s birthday and there is a little gathering at her and Dusty’s home this evening. As much as I want to continue taking baths at 7:00 PM and going to bed at 8:01 PM, I have decided that a little merriment in the honor of a close friend is due. So, I will bring along a frozen beverage and an earnest desire to celebrate. That being said, I will also think upon this quote that my friend Sorcha sent to me today:

And even in our sleep,

pain which cannot forget

falls drop by drop upon the heart,

and in our own despite,

against our will,

comes wisdom to us

by the awful grace of God.

Agamemnon – Aeschylus


3 Responses to “first things first”

  1. kentuckysnow Says:

    Anthony Dias Blue has the perfect recommendation for heartache I think:
    His Cosmo is the best I’ve had. Take two of these and more as needed.
    2 parts vodka
    1 part cranberry juice
    1 part cointreau
    juice of 1/2 lime
    mix in shaker with ice and strain
    if the hearache is of a spurned nature, it is also highly recommended that you not respond in kind and instead consume this drink while listening to Dive for Your Memory by The Go Betweens…over and over at

  2. prairynation Says:

    Perfect! I just bought a large bottle of Grey Goose for my family’s White Elephant gift exchange. I usually buy what I want and then pick that package up and act like I’ve never seen such an odd thing. This usually distracts the others and they let me keep the item. If all goes well, mr. snow, I will be taking two of these (and the more, as needed) on Baby Jesus’s birthday!

  3. prairynation Says:

    mr. snow,

    I lost the Grey Goose. It was fought over and rules say that a gift can only be snagged twice. But I did end up with an ovenmit and a spatula. I’m a clever girl and will find something to do with those.

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