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I will be researching how to recover from Heartbreak this afternoon. As I’m still suffering from my cold and a heavy work schedule, I have not had adequate time to embrace the fact that, I am on the stovetop, he is in the stew. So, usual boozy blowouts, random and unnecessary purchases, and rocks thrown at strangers have not taken place to squelch this pain. If anyone has any suggestions on how you’ve dealt with having your innards torn out and left in the recycle bin, please advise. I will be posting later as I put together some exciting options. Cheers!


6 Responses to “research & development”

  1. e Says:

    I usually spend days sleeping as much as possible. sometimes this means a mix of prescription allergy meds & liquor. but then I get up and start spending time with friends, attempting to eat good meals and playing around with the idea that the heart is meant to mend. even when it feels shattered by the heaviest of pain.

    and you have to get rid of the music. put it in a box and leave it in a friend’s garage. the music will torture you.

    oh, and always buy a pair of new shoes and get a haircut.

  2. prairynation Says:

    e. I like your style! I find that Nyquil and a glass of wine has been treating me quite kindly! I’ve decided that fire building and Christmas baking will be today’s elixir! Shoes are next!

  3. david Says:

    what works for me, is wine and Guided by Voices — with a healthy mix of Ryan Adams (yes, I’m contrarian but the “Love is Hell/Rock N’ Roll period is tops in my book)… lately I must confess to indulging in benadryl and brandy…. but when the Wilco/Sebadoh comes on… *sigh* I truly feel alive and in pain then. But it’s a sweet pain. My one true love is not dead… and that, despite the pain, and several (cruel, perhaps) twists of fate makes everything… okay/tolerable/worth celebrating(?)…hmmm… it’s late, i’m in the clutches of said Heartbreak remedy and may be lacking coherence. Nevertheless, Happy Holidays….
    when the above mess fails. shop.
    when that fails. give to charity.

  4. prairynation Says:

    David, Sebadoh!!!!! Aww, my friend, you’re bringing back some serious memories. When you slipped a powdered donut on my ring finger! My first and only proposal! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday! Maybe we’ll talk on the phone in 2009???? xo

  5. molly p Says:

    do you remember the time you showed me your apt and offered me champagne as i could not stop sobbing? i’ll never forget your kindness then. my remedy back then – yoga (alice), freakishly hot baths, experimental interior design, cooking amazing food for one, vivaldi, way-too-expensive wine for one.

    xxx, molly, who still thinks of you whenever dining in The Spotted Pig.

    • prairynation Says:

      o, molly! of course i remember that time. and, by the by, my fridge never lacks champagne because of that afternoon!O, the gnudi! Please eat some for me and i will get in touch next time i’m there. xo

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