burn and burn and burn

Happy Winter Solstice. As promised, I burnt things in honor of time passing. Just slips of paper with jottings written in fat Sharpie.  Only put a few logs in the fireplace, as I knew I couldn’t dedicate a whole evening to monitoring the flames. I won’t tell you what I wrote (wouldn’t tell you what I wished for before blowing out birthday candles, mainly because I don’t like blowing out candles and spitting on cake and then sharing THAT with friends. Gross. No wonder germs spread). But I DO hope that soon I am no longer sitting in my spill (that’s a Tina-ism). My feelings are electric right now. And that’s okay. This evening, I inflated my air mattress. My dear old friend (not OLD) is visiting from NYC. She’s lived there nearly 15 years. Before Williamsburg was Little Lawrence. She lives in the West Village. She still believes that nothing exists above 14th Street. She believes Brooklyn is faraway and requires a car service to get back to happy old Manhattan. Anyway, she’s visiting tomorrow and I’m nervous. Will my Old West Lawrence shanty hold up? Where will I take her for drinks? We used to hit NY and never pay for more than one drink, what with her big beautiful eyelashes batting like crazy.  .  . And here in Lawrence? The land of despotic musicians and bartenders. . . I guess we’ll see.


3 Responses to “burn and burn and burn”

  1. A.J. Says:

    Hey hey-
    I’m sure your NYC pal is loving it (and know from the txt she sent last night), and it’s good for her to shake it KS style. I’m just sad to miss it. You two live it up, and then live it up again for me.
    PS: The burning sounds like a good tradition–hopefully you had a good drink in hand, too. Or is that dangerous?

  2. e Says:

    “land of despot musicians and bartenders” …I love that. thanks for the memories.

  3. prairynation Says:

    a.j. Yes, NYC pal and I had a fine time! Lots of memories were shared and new ones created. The venerable Danny Pound joined us at our little table at the Tap Room and next thing I know our pal was asking for rent prices in Lawrence! Oh, and the drink I drake during burning? Cognac, of course!

    and e! ‘despot musicians and bartenders” . . . too harsh? We know the truth, right?

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