can i move in, yet?


This is what I was looking at this morning. It’s nearly the same as what I’ve been looking at for the past 18 months. Except now, this morning, there is a tractor on the scene! A bona fide piece of adult equipment. I could write a sonnet, but I cannot, so I’ll just say that I’m thrilled!


The first scoopful being taken out! O, the joy. The joy!


4 Responses to “can i move in, yet?”

  1. leslie Says:

    Congratulations! That looks like the coziest spot for a nest.

  2. prairynation Says:

    Thanks, Leslie. I hope so. I think so. At this point, I have no idea anymore. Let’s hope that it’s not another 18 months before it’s an actual dwelling and that it doesn’t take 7 yrs. to put the kitchen floor in! : )

  3. leslie Says:

    hey, if you need any tiling done, I got the skillz.

  4. prairynation Says:

    Tiling skillz? Great writer? Great mother? Dear lord, woman, what CAN’T you do? 2009!!!!!

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