long dreams, 2008.

img_0798-2Last evening I went over to my friend Mel’s  house for Cocktail Hour. I think it’s an attempt at grown-up-ness for my friends and myself. We can tipple, yes, but only in the early evening and with snacks from the 1970s. This was only the third Cocktail Hour, and only my second as I was deep in the throes of heartache during one of them, but I’ve noticed that Cocktail Hour seems to extend by one, two, or many, many more hours. Maybe we are not as grown-up as we think? Maybe when my house is built?

Kendra and Aaron and their little dog Osa came to pick me up for Mel’s party. When I hopped into the car Osa jumped onto my lap and showered me with kisses and then, in her excitement, peed on my thigh and my velvet scarf. And here’s the thing: I DIDN’T CARE AT ALL! This leads me to wonder — in 2009 will I start wearing sweat pants and eating beans directly out of the can; or, will I not cry over spilt milk?

Tonight, I think, I’m going to NOT TIPPLE AT ALL. I want to say good-bye, proper-like, to 2008. Like a scene in an old movie. A long embrace with lips barely touching. I want to welcome 2009 with a clear head and clear eyes. Happy New Year to all of you, friends. May 2009 be filled with adventures, surprises, hopes, joys, love and a home to call one’s own. XO


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