this little piggy went to the slipper store


It has long been decided that I would have concrete floors in my new house. And radiant heat to keep my toes warm and the thermostat down. Today, though, I received a call from my contractor with this question: are you okay with warm floors but no central air? Come again?  He said that he would not normally even ask someone this question, but seeing how he and anyone else who visits my current home are fairly miserable due to my stubborness  to turn on either the heat or air, well, it seemed like a fair question. He said with the money I would save not having central air I could purchase a window unit for every window. Hmm. Yes, and I could walk around in a pretty Prada frock covered in cat vomit and beer stains.

When my contractor calls me in the middle of the day while I’m at work and throws  wrenches at me I become acutely aware that I’m building this house on my own.  I can’t cover up the receiver and whisper to my partner, “He’s on the phone again wanting to know what color grout we want! Well, what do we want?”  Today I took a few breaths, took a poll amongst my photo crew (warm feet or cool summers) and did some further research on the Internet (god bless you!). I’ve decided to say ‘so long’ to radiant floors; explore geothermal heat pumps; and peruse catalogues filled with animal skins and slippers.


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