so much happening in 2009

house hole

My hole! Doesn’t this look like an amazing little basement? Do you see the three feet of river bottom topsoil? Somebody say ‘amen’! Either Tuesday or Wednesday the basement will be poured.


Tomorrow morning we are having a breakfast to celebrate the new year at my work. I made these little maple scones. They need serious butter and tea. They’re cute, no? But I think they would be better served if a small handful of 9 yr. old boys got hold of them and used them in some kind of mean, yet sporting fashion. Neither me nor my scones look like this.


5 Responses to “so much happening in 2009”

  1. kate Says:

    that soil looks so damn yummy, i just want to eat it!

  2. prairynation Says:

    That’s exactly what I think when I look at the soil. Just a big ol’ spoonful! It’s dreamy.

  3. A.J. Says:

    I think the scones look awfully cute, and I’ll bet would taste delish with a big dollop of honey. Scones need a little tough to em–it makes the added sweetners seem deserved.

  4. prairynation Says:

    The scones were OK, AJ. Tasty with tea or coffee with loads of warm cream. I also found that they served well in the chili I had made this weekend. Kind of like an oyster cracker/biscuit combo?

  5. fit. form. foot. « Says:

    […] Moving thru & Sitting still in Kansas. « so much happening in 2009 […]

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