fit. form. foot.

weatherundergroundI’ve wandered around the halls at my work telling anyone who will listen that the concrete guys were fitting the formings. Or, forming the fittings. Or pouring something into the hole. All I got in response was a lot of polite blinking. I called my builder today for an update and found that what they were doing last week was forming the footings (I think!) and that today they were supposed to fit the footings (again, this is questionable)  so that when the temperature is right they are ready to pour the basement.  I kind of don’t really know what they’re doing. All I do  know is that they (concrete ogres) claim it’s too cold out for them to even do the foot fitting (laziness, I suspect.) And what I know most is that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING!


9 Responses to “fit. form. foot.”

  1. leslie Says:

    I hope your concrete guys don’t read your blog, or you’re gonna get one leaky basement!

  2. leslie Says:

    (that was a joke. I got to thinking, you know, if I were building a house, that’s the sort of comment that would give me fits of anxiety. So ignore me. I was teasing!)

  3. prairynation Says:

    O, my! I contemplated deleting that part a THOUSAND times! And they’re really, probably, not ogres, but, O, I just want a house. Check back tomorrow and I will probably sing their praises and send them roses!

  4. e Says:

    I’ve been told by a man in Carhartts who has done concrete work, that it really can be too cold to pour concrete. Something about it setting right. Oh, patience my dear! One day, you’ll just be fretting about how long its been since you’ve swept the floors.

  5. prairynation Says:

    O, e, I know, I know. And I know my heart would hurt if I knew the concrete fellows were out there right now on this blustery day. I promise to bring them a really large pizza and some icy beer once we get started. Patience. . .

  6. kate Says:

    baby, you can fit my form anytime!

  7. prairynation Says:

    kate, come Feb. 5th I will Fit Form your Foot. Have no worries.

  8. kate Says:

    although i’m now confused about what we’re talking about, i really can’t wait.

  9. three apples high « Says:

    […] Truly, footings. Standing inside those footings today made me have a near meltdown.  And though I wish I could say […]

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