celebration in the form of a ball


The best way to distract yourself from the stresses of building a house and the fear of losing your job is to cast a vote for a man you admire and then throw a ball on the day he is inaugurated. Or, have your friends throw a ball so that you can hop out of your vanpool, throw on a dress, and line your eyes heavily with make-up.


It’s nice if your friends dress up, too. Being surrounded by dapper folks is always pleasant.


If you can swing it be sure that there is warm lighting, Turkish gentlemen, bowties, and knockout ladies.


3 Responses to “celebration in the form of a ball”

  1. ky Says:

    The Ball was so much fun!! Everyone looked fabulous!! I need these photos.

  2. prairynation Says:

    The ball WAS fabulous! Thanks to you and Tina. I will get these photos and more to you over the weekend.

  3. A.J. Says:

    The ball does look fabulous, and now I’m jealous I missed it. To make up for my abscence (a bit), Jenny, I gave you ideas for Chinese New Year back at the spiked punch. And hey, happy friday!

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