concrete and barbed wire

floorHello beautiful concrete floor. Polished to an inch of your life, but not so sheen-y as to make one fearful of slipping. Clean, sophisticated, approachable. And, now, no longer on my horizon. No longer under my feet of the future. I received one of those phone calls from my builder where something gigantic is dropped onto my lap, like the poop from a soaring bald eagle (I’ve seen this, over the Kaw, and it was a sight to behold!) It seems that maybe having a slab floor on luscious river bottom soil isn’t so good. Something about cracks and loads of back fill. We’re now exploring a more common floor scenario of crawl space (where Jason, Mike, and Freddy can hide) with wood-framed sub-flooring over that. I’m okay with this. I didn’t sweat during this conversation. It’s so much better to make this kind of a decision now rather than when there is a 1 inch seam running through my kitchen.

I’m home now and looking at my Inspiration Wall (yes, feel free to vomit because I said Inspiration Wall) which is covered with various photos of concrete floors. LOTS of them. I’m going to need some more scotch tape and a bottle of wine.


6 Responses to “concrete and barbed wire”

  1. ky Says:

    oh man. Best with the redirection.

  2. prairynation Says:

    Thanks. We may need to have a fireside session and do some research!

  3. Juan Valdez Says:

    Boo, I miss read. Scotch and wine sounded wonderful, then I realized “scotch-tape”

  4. prairynation Says:

    Scotch and wine DO sound wonderful. All combined I will get the inspiration I need, no?

  5. wide butt? only if it’s cuban. wide plank? yes, please. « Says:

    […] area, but I hear their space is absolutely SPECTACULAR. Now that concrete floors are officially out I’m thinking that I want some W I D E  plank floors from reclaimed barn siding. Yum. I have […]

  6. Gail Tritten Says:

    I love your blog! You have such a way with words. I think you have a future as a writer/word smith. I mean that, there is something the tissue paper balls, where did you find them? Also love the wierd masks. I have some of them too. Who is the man behind the mask?? Are you holding out on me AGAIN?
    I love you very much.

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