Year of the Ox.


Readers, it’s so awfully cold outside. This is something that you surely must  know. So, I’m off to Miami. Not to escape the cold. That’s just a beautiful by-product. It’s for work. And I’m dreadfully behind on my chores. My feet are in wool-sock condition. Not even close to this. There is laundry to do. Catfood to be purchased. Legs to be shaved. I won’t be able to post much, if at all, so I leave you with this: YOU CAN NEVER BE BORED IF YOU HAVE MASKS IN THE HOUSE. I implore you to purchase just one or two. Sweeping is more fun. Making your bed, too. When there is an awkward pause amongst acquaintances. . . pull out a mask!

O, on a by the by, it looks like I’m leaning heavily towards the crawl space scenario. A new drawing indicating such was drawn up on Sunday and the powers that be (the CITY) should have it tomorrow. Why have a concrete floor with no radiant heating? It really makes no sense.  God, this is hard.


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