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February 22, 2009


I watched my nieces this past Saturday evening while their parents went on a date. We watched ANNE OF GREEN GABLES and ate popcorn with the lights turned low. My nieces are 4 1/2 & 7 1/2 yrs. (this is what they would say).  Something in the movie made me declare, “Well, I’m not married.” Which made Nina (4 1/2) say, “Aunts don’t marry, Gigi.” “They don’t?” Then Ella (7 1/2) came to my defense (?) and said, “Sometimes they do.”

 “Well, maybe when they’re older.”

Hmm. So, here I am, shin-deep in my 30s and my wee niece who, typically, would consider someone who is, say, 8, old, considers me not “older”.  AND, ‘aunts don’t marry’?. . . Does this mean I get to pass GO and collect $200?


Whatever. This spinster has a bitchin’ foundation.


when it’s hard to believe

February 16, 2009

carlos in window

Cats are clever.

caution rejected

Humans? Clever, perhaps, but not always mindful.

poured footing

Poured footing.  Friday, February 13, 2009 (a delightful Freaky Friday Find)


Forms. Standing at attention. Ready to be filled.  Monday, February 16, 2009


The sunset as I walk back into town. To the house that has served as a peaceful transition. Two years ago I left a little farmhouse in Stull, KS. Did I dream that I would  build a house of my own? No. That’s why I come out here (to the land itself and to the Internet) and document it. I still don’t believe it.

three apples high

February 11, 2009


Safe, secure, sexy. Let me introduce my basement.


Footings. Truly, footings. Standing inside those footings today made me have a near meltdown.  And though I wish I could say it’s because I’m so excited to see some real progress, what is actually going through my head is: Is it legal to build something so small? Did I intend for a Smurf, maybe two, to be my only guests? I have been assured that this is a common fear or misconception. That until there are walls up you cannot really get an accurate sense of the space. And here I always thought that we got the essence of something when walls are down.

spherical nation

February 5, 2009


Are you all tiring of seeing my fireplace mantel? I’m sorry that I shoot it so often. I could show you photos of all of my hard, uncomfortable wooden or wire furniture, but my friends already hate having to sit on it, so why bother? But what I DO want to show you are these fun honeycomb tissue balls. I’m kind of obsessed with them right now. You only see two in this photo, but in reality I have 9 floating around.  And I’ve ordered another 20. In varying sizes (all white). But all bigger than the ones you see now. Three, in fact, are 19 inches round! I live in a shoebox, so I’m not sure how this will ultimately play out. . .


This book is what inspired the purchases. I think. I kind of have a thing for spheres. Pods. Crusty old bocce balls. But dainty tissue paper balls? O, the delight! I have friends coming to town in a month and I plan to have them all out and about as the ultimate “Welcome!”

wide butt? only if it’s cuban. wide plank? yes, please.

February 3, 2009


Miami Beach. There and back in a matter of 5 days. Weather in Kansas: 73 degrees. Weather in Miami: 73 degrees.  Don’t toy with me, God. Here’s what Miami has to offer on any given day: Cuban coffees (O, heaven); Cuban sandwiches (O, my); Cuban women with curvy backsides (hey, I’m not afraid to appreciate the fairer sex!).

Time to think about the house, again.

wide plank

I’m hoping to have a date, I mean, meeting, with these folks on Friday. I’ve seen some of their amazing work first-hand while shooting on location in the Kansas City- area, but I hear their space is absolutely SPECTACULAR. Now that concrete floors are officially out I’m thinking that I want some W I D E  plank floors from reclaimed barn siding. Yum. I have a sneaky, stinky feeling that their prices may make me gasp, but it’s still worth a visit.

I stopped by my lot yesterday and saw my fully poured basement! I never knew a cement cube could look so sexy. Today they are to do some more digging and on Friday they will finish pouring the foundation (I feel as if I’ve said ALL OF THAT BEFORE!) I watched the sun set last eve while standing next to the basement. It was all lavenders and pinks and made me so excited to think about the eventuality of staring out my kitchen window, scrubbing veggies from my garden, and watching the western skies. These images keep me grounded.