wide butt? only if it’s cuban. wide plank? yes, please.


Miami Beach. There and back in a matter of 5 days. Weather in Kansas: 73 degrees. Weather in Miami: 73 degrees.  Don’t toy with me, God. Here’s what Miami has to offer on any given day: Cuban coffees (O, heaven); Cuban sandwiches (O, my); Cuban women with curvy backsides (hey, I’m not afraid to appreciate the fairer sex!).

Time to think about the house, again.

wide plank

I’m hoping to have a date, I mean, meeting, with these folks on Friday. I’ve seen some of their amazing work first-hand while shooting on location in the Kansas City- area, but I hear their space is absolutely SPECTACULAR. Now that concrete floors are officially out I’m thinking that I want some W I D E  plank floors from reclaimed barn siding. Yum. I have a sneaky, stinky feeling that their prices may make me gasp, but it’s still worth a visit.

I stopped by my lot yesterday and saw my fully poured basement! I never knew a cement cube could look so sexy. Today they are to do some more digging and on Friday they will finish pouring the foundation (I feel as if I’ve said ALL OF THAT BEFORE!) I watched the sun set last eve while standing next to the basement. It was all lavenders and pinks and made me so excited to think about the eventuality of staring out my kitchen window, scrubbing veggies from my garden, and watching the western skies. These images keep me grounded.


2 Responses to “wide butt? only if it’s cuban. wide plank? yes, please.”

  1. A.J. Says:

    You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to Kansas (for various reasons I suppose: general business, people–well, some people–want to come out here to visit, instead of me coming there, etc etc), but reading all about the new house is enough to spur me into a visit, so I can see the finished product once it’s all in place. Especially if you end up with such awesome wood floors. Wow, I love those. They look amazing.

  2. prairynation Says:

    Yes, you must come for a visit, a.j. Definitely wait until there is a room of your own. Kate and Matt were in town recently and stayed in my small cube and we were all saying good night like we were the waltons. cozy cozy.

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