spherical nation


Are you all tiring of seeing my fireplace mantel? I’m sorry that I shoot it so often. I could show you photos of all of my hard, uncomfortable wooden or wire furniture, but my friends already hate having to sit on it, so why bother? But what I DO want to show you are these fun honeycomb tissue balls. I’m kind of obsessed with them right now. You only see two in this photo, but in reality I have 9 floating around.  And I’ve ordered another 20. In varying sizes (all white). But all bigger than the ones you see now. Three, in fact, are 19 inches round! I live in a shoebox, so I’m not sure how this will ultimately play out. . .


This book is what inspired the purchases. I think. I kind of have a thing for spheres. Pods. Crusty old bocce balls. But dainty tissue paper balls? O, the delight! I have friends coming to town in a month and I plan to have them all out and about as the ultimate “Welcome!”


2 Responses to “spherical nation”

  1. leslie Says:

    will you have a spherical honeycomb ball party? That would be cool.

  2. prairynation Says:

    o, yes. A honeycomb ball is most definitely on the horizon. Maybe when at least half of the house is up and there is a honey wagon (port o potty) on the scene! And we will drink out of small glasses!

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