three apples high


Safe, secure, sexy. Let me introduce my basement.


Footings. Truly, footings. Standing inside those footings today made me have a near meltdown.  And though I wish I could say it’s because I’m so excited to see some real progress, what is actually going through my head is: Is it legal to build something so small? Did I intend for a Smurf, maybe two, to be my only guests? I have been assured that this is a common fear or misconception. That until there are walls up you cannot really get an accurate sense of the space. And here I always thought that we got the essence of something when walls are down.


2 Responses to “three apples high”

  1. leslie Says:

    what a sweet teacup of a basement! Though I am confused: is the basement smaller than the footprint of the house? (That’s all I myself need: simple shelter from the storm)

  2. prairynation Says:

    It is a teacup, isn’t it? Yes, it’s much smaller than the footprint. I couldn’t afford a larger basement and, like you, I just needed simple shelter from the storm. I think too often people build these big spaces and build big basements to house stuff. I don’t like stuff and I don’t need that kind of temptation. And, truth be told, I have a real fear of basements. I always think there is a murderer down there. Or worse, mold!

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