I watched my nieces this past Saturday evening while their parents went on a date. We watched ANNE OF GREEN GABLES and ate popcorn with the lights turned low. My nieces are 4 1/2 & 7 1/2 yrs. (this is what they would say).  Something in the movie made me declare, “Well, I’m not married.” Which made Nina (4 1/2) say, “Aunts don’t marry, Gigi.” “They don’t?” Then Ella (7 1/2) came to my defense (?) and said, “Sometimes they do.”

 “Well, maybe when they’re older.”

Hmm. So, here I am, shin-deep in my 30s and my wee niece who, typically, would consider someone who is, say, 8, old, considers me not “older”.  AND, ‘aunts don’t marry’?. . . Does this mean I get to pass GO and collect $200?


Whatever. This spinster has a bitchin’ foundation.


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