for me this day is molasses. for my house it’s trucker speed






The post below has images taken just yesterday. The images above were taken today. How is this even possible? Wasn’t there a time when I lamented day after day after day about the snail-like progress of home building? My soon-to-be neighbor took these photos this morning and emailed them to me. O, I’m so sad not to be over there today. Watching as every nail goes in. But I am very grateful for these pictures. And jealous of their amazing quality. I’ve asked my neighbor to build me an outdoor pizza oven. I hope he remembers. If not, I hope he reads this and gets out his drawing board and pencils! I promise, Scott, you will be well-fed!


3 Responses to “for me this day is molasses. for my house it’s trucker speed”

  1. Molly P Says:

    Jen! Email me – I have a question for you but can’t find an email address for you on here.

    xxx, Molly –

  2. A.J. Says:

    That’s pretty amazing work, really. I love seeing a nice house grow so quickly in Kansas (and it makes me, admittedly, miss the state more than I normally might). Very sweet stuff pally.

  3. prairynation Says:

    Thank you, pally. I surveyed the guest room and there is plenty of space for you and the missus to have a nice long stay in kansas and remember why you love it and why you left it. I drove past last eve and there is actually TYVEK on some sections! But I warn you to not book a plane ticket, yet. We don’t want to jinx anything! xo

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