the great wall of NoLaw

long wall

The Great Wall of NoLaw. 106 Feet long. Morning. March 5th, 2009

long wall, again

The Long Wall, again. Glad to see Steve there first thing in the morning.

more walls

The end of the same day. I am reassured by how hard they are working. And the craftsmanship! O, I am pleased.

bedroom view

I feel like those trees are standing up and saying, ‘hey! welcome lady!’ I also know that when I’m lying in my bed at night and they get to swaying with the wind I will probably get scared and think they look a little devilish. Or that a man in a bright yellow flight suit with goggles will be perched in their branches with a monocular wondering if my jammies are cotton and that he knows, FOR SURE, that one toenail from me will be the last component he needs to finalize his evil plan to take over the world.


One Response to “the great wall of NoLaw”

  1. for me this day is molasses. for my house it’s crack « Says:

    […] Moving thru & Sitting still in Kansas. « the great wall of NoLaw […]

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