dancing sea monkeys

I have lots of new photos to share with you, but they are still on my camera and my camera is buried deep in my handbag which weighs 400 pounds. I’ll try and put them on this evening, but I do have plans to go see Andrew Bird perform at Liberty Hall. I haven’t heard much of his music, but a girlfriend of mine went and saw him at Carnegie Hall in New York. She waxed poetic about the whole evening. Even though her date was  more than slightly roly poly and more than a little bit WASP-y, she still emailed immediately to tell me that Andrew Bird would be in Lawrence and that I must get tickets. So I did. And here we are. 

Let me quickly tell you about an amazing dance performance I saw on Friday. It was staged in the open air on Friday afternoon. There were only three performers. It was an all-male team. Two were high up in the air on scaffolding. One was down on the stage. The two up top would yell down numbers to the fellow below. He would then quickly measure out a piece of wood, saw it, and then toss it, with one hand, up to one of the other dudes. They would catch the piece with one hand and toss it to the other guy. It was intricate. It was well-timed. Its soundtrack was Wilco, Neil Young, the Who, and even a little Soul Asylum. And a few bluesy bits  that made me tap my toes. And this is how my house has grown like mad little sea monkeys. From footings and forms to a house with long and high walls.


4 Responses to “dancing sea monkeys”

  1. leslie Says:

    hey! I saw your gestating house today!! It’s in that uber-moderne compound over there on the north side. What’s the story with that space there? My running friend and I have been intrigued.

  2. prairynation Says:

    I’m not sure what our story is over here (there). I had been eyeballing that land for YEARS and was lucky enough to purchase a smidge of it. I’ve met most of the others now and they all seem like good people. When it’s built I plan on piping out the theme tune to CHARIOTS OF FIRE so that you all feel inspired to run and run and run. Then you can stop by for a glass of something!

  3. leslie Says:

    I could use all the help available. When I say running, I should say “running.”

    Interesting about the land. The building boom there had me thinking there was a collective utopian vision being carried out. I like that it’s synchronicity at work instead.

  4. prairynation Says:

    Synchronicity, indeed! Which I’m more likely to embrace at this point in my life! The speed of which it is going up is beginning to freak me out. Must post more pictures immediately!

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