let me count the ways

Saturday. An icestorm.

Sunday. Sunshine.

Monday. Warm. Thunderstorm. Fierce thunder.

Could I love Kansas anymore right now?

Jim Seaver

After 10 years of listening, regularly, to Opera is My Hobby I had the immense honor of spending an evening with Dr. Jim Seaver and his lovely wife, Virginia. My friend Aaron made this happen. So he and his lovely wife Kendra and I spent a spectacular and surreal evening listening to opera records on old timey record machines. To hear someone’s velvety voice IN PERSON after so many years of hearing it broadcast on the airwaves. . . well, this lady gushed. And gushed. And gushed.

I have to hold tight to that evening. It beats this evening spent at the local Sears looking for slide-in gas ranges. Which they only had two of on the floor. The rest, I was assured, could be found online. All right, then. But I want to turn the knobs. Lift the grates. Is this what Internet porn is like? Gross.


2 Responses to “let me count the ways”

  1. leslie Says:

    Kendra told me all about your fantastical trip down the rabbit hole. So cool!

  2. prairynation Says:

    I’m so glad she told you about our evening because as the days pass so does the memory. Like, did I really sit in their parlor amidst needlepoint fleur de lis pillows; medieval tomes and walls of records? A rabbit hole, indeed!

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