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the hero

April 29, 2009

middle earth

My friend Mellie likes to say that the harbinger of spring is when our friend Dave S. debuts his short shorts. I like to think that it is when the mysterious morel makes its first appearance. Though one can usually guarantee a sighting of Dave and his legs one does not always have the same fortune with the morel.  This year I am lucky. Except . . . I haven’t yet seen Dave so does this mean we are in a holding pattern??


I bought this peony bush last May at a peony festival near Kansas City. I was ready to plant some literal roots on my new land even though we had not yet broken ground and were still far from a design that I was happy with. The same day I bought him I rode my bicycle over to my land in the late evening, sun gone, with the peony and a hand shovel in my basket. I tried as best I could to gauge where the property line was, where I thought there might be lots of tractors and digging machines, and where I thought this little guy might just make it.

The land has since been mowed over, tromped over, stomped on,  and neglected.  All year I’ve thought about that peony. I thought that maybe I was a bit selfish to buy something only to soon kill it. But this weekend when standing up on my veranda I looked out upon the tall grasses and saw something of a slightly different hue than the techno-color green. I knew immediately that my little friend had survived.  He’s my hero. A big pink pom-pom Super Star.

So as not to be lonely, my Hero was given two friends by two friends of mine: I planted them last evening. On the last sunny day of the week before more thunder showers take over.


The lighting on this photo reminds me of PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK, one of my all-time favorite films. I’m not wont to put my photo out here, but I really do like the sun flare on the top edge of the photograph. I also like that I could be in some field or meadow or be my mother 30 years ago. And I also like my friend who took the photo.


an 800 lb. view

April 16, 2009


french breakfast

God bless the radish! When your entryway is blocked by wellies, cowboy boots, sandals and flats and you want to tell Mother Nature to go f#*k  herself because you don’t always have time to check Weather Underground every three minutes, a radish sprout miraculously appears and assures you that, yes, spring IS near.


And when you wonder if you will ever get a restful night’s sleep because layoffs loom around every corner like a beery, sweaty jerk, you swing by your house after your commute and you see this. And you sigh and call your builder and gush uncontrollably like it’s your first crush.

wall of windows

And if that is not enough, well, then shame on you! But, BUT, if it’s not, then you look up into these windows and marvel that, total, there is 800 pounds of spectacular view and dappled light. It took 5 fellows, some mathematics and good old fashioned know-how to install those. I, Jennifer, promise to never, ever complain while doing dishes, again.

a rendering. o, yes, a rendering

April 10, 2009

modern shotgun


I’ve been sitting on this rendering for a week. Afraid to show it to all of  you. What if you don’t like it? What if there is only silence? I suppose that you can nod, scratch your head, and cluck your tongues all you want. I won’t know. And you won’t know that I’m sitting here with a blanket over my head wondering if it’s okay that I told the plumber that I wanted to be able to control the temperature of my bathwater with only my big toe. That he needed to use THAT piece of information to figure out what kind of valve to put into the wall.

 I wonder if I’ll ever have grass that green? Or tulips that appear to be on steroids? I can’t stop myself from looking closely into the interior and squinting; where will I place my credenza (sideboard, buffet, whathaveyou) or the sofa that I don’t yet own? Will Miss Carlos still be springy and take a liking to the rooftop veranda? Will I find my friend’s alligator boots in the spare bedroom or somewhere else?

It’s Friday. Somebody say, “Amen.”  HAPPY EASTER!

some kind of blue

April 1, 2009

nicolas matheus

I saw this image here and was instantly surrounded by warm breezes and bowls full of plums. Perhaps a glass of something sparkling? There is no ‘perhaps’ about it! I look back over the photos in my postings of late and they are nothing but browns, beiges, and blah. I’m in need of cool blue evenings.

Building a house is so incredibly daunting. Wah, wah, wah, right? I know. I have a roof over my head now and will, as seamlessly as possible, have another one waiting for me in a few months time. I guess that I just can’t exactly figure out how I got here. For fuck’s sake, I went for nearly 10 years without signing a lease. I lived in a very raw space where snow would blow in thru my windows  until my landlord offered a temporary solution of  hammering plywood, salvaged from a halfway house and spray painted with the word C-U-N-T, onto the gorgeous 1871 window molding.  I also lived in an apartment where for 6 weeks straight a raccoon would come in the window every evening and eat all of Miss Carlos’ food. And my almonds. I don’t want to go into the specifics as to why it took that long to discover the freeloader (and just because I have been compared to Little Edie does not mean I readily enjoy sharing my space with dirty animals), but I use these examples to illustrate that for years I wanted nothing that resembled a planting of roots and that I could, with relative ease, pass my days in dwellings that lacked an awful lot. Now, to think I spend my evenings exploring slide-in ranges. . .



Look here. A different kind of cool blue evening. I think I’ve decided on a Dacor dual-fuel range. Now I can gaze at my belly button while simmering AND searing. 

I think I owe you all (and by ‘all’ I mean those who have made it this far in the post) an apology. I have an awful headache and took an OTC cold medicine. I might as well be on crack right now. My fingertips should not be allowed near a keyboard.