some kind of blue

nicolas matheus

I saw this image here and was instantly surrounded by warm breezes and bowls full of plums. Perhaps a glass of something sparkling? There is no ‘perhaps’ about it! I look back over the photos in my postings of late and they are nothing but browns, beiges, and blah. I’m in need of cool blue evenings.

Building a house is so incredibly daunting. Wah, wah, wah, right? I know. I have a roof over my head now and will, as seamlessly as possible, have another one waiting for me in a few months time. I guess that I just can’t exactly figure out how I got here. For fuck’s sake, I went for nearly 10 years without signing a lease. I lived in a very raw space where snow would blow in thru my windows  until my landlord offered a temporary solution of  hammering plywood, salvaged from a halfway house and spray painted with the word C-U-N-T, onto the gorgeous 1871 window molding.  I also lived in an apartment where for 6 weeks straight a raccoon would come in the window every evening and eat all of Miss Carlos’ food. And my almonds. I don’t want to go into the specifics as to why it took that long to discover the freeloader (and just because I have been compared to Little Edie does not mean I readily enjoy sharing my space with dirty animals), but I use these examples to illustrate that for years I wanted nothing that resembled a planting of roots and that I could, with relative ease, pass my days in dwellings that lacked an awful lot. Now, to think I spend my evenings exploring slide-in ranges. . .



Look here. A different kind of cool blue evening. I think I’ve decided on a Dacor dual-fuel range. Now I can gaze at my belly button while simmering AND searing. 

I think I owe you all (and by ‘all’ I mean those who have made it this far in the post) an apology. I have an awful headache and took an OTC cold medicine. I might as well be on crack right now. My fingertips should not be allowed near a keyboard.


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