a Summer Declaration

I am officially declaring that it is OK to sit back, take stock, and declare yourself a badass. Or a good cook. A great dancer. 



I drove a 1940s something or other Allis Chalmers orange tractor in a field with mud, tall grasses, and a bouncing black dog. And I was wearing white jeans.

I declare the Week of May 17th the Week of  Badassery. And I am its Queen.  But this Queen likes to share. So, tell me, why are you a badass?

If  you need some BadAss Inspiration go to Leslie’s blog. I think the hen has one-upped me. And I’m all right with that. 


9 Responses to “a Summer Declaration”

  1. heather Says:

    Yesterday I visited 13 urban farms and gardens, saw Michael Pollan at Unity, then sat on Lidia’s patio for dinner with good friends. Maybe not BadAss, but a very good day.

  2. prairynation Says:

    Heather, if that’s not BadAss then I don’t know what IS! That sounds like an amazing day. And tonight we will keep it rolling with tacos, tamales, and whathaveyous! Looking forward to dinner.

  3. leslie Says:

    This week I have been doing my best to be a badass, and so far it’s been rock haulin, tick pullin, paintin, and data entry (I OWN that Excel file!). But none of it in white pants, and with no tractors involved, so Queen Jen, I still have a long way to go in this badass business.

  4. heather Says:

    Leslie: Rocks and ticks? I think that counts.

    Jen: Thoughts of our dinner tonight are the only thing helping motivate me to clean up messes around the house. My little badass girl has me hiding out in the corner!

  5. prairynation Says:

    O, tick pullin. It IS that time of year, again, and I think it makes us all badasses. Plus, rocks, paintin, data entry. Leslie, you can sigh as you are most definitely a badass.

    And, Heather, your tacos, sangria, and dog costume for Nora make you a delightfully talented badass. Thanks for the wonderful evening.

  6. Bean Says:

    I finish a big landscape and design project tomorrow that looks amazing and has my clients over the roof happy with me, and more clients anxiously waiting. My baddassery will only be heightened once I find good daycare. I did get sun poisoning while working that has forced me into very large hats 24-7. Luckily, this badass looks great in hats!

  7. prairynation Says:

    Bean: You are the ultimate badass. Now and always. Any mild badassness that I actually accomplish are because I learned from you! Congrats on the landscape/design project. I’m so glad that you have found this passion. Can’t wait to see you in June! xo

  8. Juan Valdez Says:

    I paddled the “Big Muddy” from Atchison, KS to KCMO

    Video to prove it. http://gallery.me.com/piedrayak#100006

    • prairynation Says:

      Yes, that is badass. AND, you did it before you turn 40!!! I hear that you’re going to go from KC to St. Louis towards the end of summer. Is this true? How amazing!

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