a moratorium on design

front door

I pulled this image from god-only-knows-where MONTHS ago because I liked the front door (I believe Tim Walker shot it, but I can’t even promise that!) I scoured many salvage places looking for something similar, but to no avail. That doesn’t mean I left those places empty-handed, it’s just that I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. And this is only one example. I have tears and scrap ALL OVER MY HOUSE, MY WALLS, IN FOLDERS, THE BACK SEAT OF MY CAR. I look at design blogs daily. I flip thru magazines like they’re water and I’m on a desert. I’ve been inspired to the point of exhaustion. So, I’ve decided to take a break from the research and the blogs and disassemble my inspiration wall and just let things BE.  I think it’s necessary for me to step away and let my own voice come thru. Even if that voice is sometimes sputtering and inconsistent. With time it will come together. I believe that. 

I am a month and a half away from sleeping in my new home. Just like some parents choose not to name their child until they meet it, I think I’m going to wait until I meet my house and have it whisper to me what it needs to become a home. 

That being said I did just put a bid on a 1940s french industrial floor lamp. Cold turkey starts tomorrow.


4 Responses to “a moratorium on design”

  1. eggmanink Says:

    architect phillip johnson once said “take care of the luxuries and the necessites will work themselves out.”

  2. A.J. Says:

    Wow, just a month and a half? That’s sweetness itself. Revel in that and drink it up. Congrats, too–I can’t wait to someday have a highball in said house. Maybe two.

  3. prairynation Says:

    eggman: That quote is lovely and just may help me get thru this all. Thank you for sharing it!

    A.J.: Will you please design me a highball to be drunk in said house. One that is created specifically by you and your cocktailing genius for me and my little ol house in Kansas? Pretty please?

  4. A.J. Says:

    Of course. You just let me know when it’s almost ready (the house, that is), and I will put something bubbly and tasty together for you. Maybe give me a hint on what base you want (bourbon probably, but it doesn’t hurt to ask), and we’ll go from there. It’ll be house-licious.

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