i will gladly

horn handles-ochre

. . . put away my dishes and keep my drawers tidy if I can pull them open and close them shut with these lovely, lovely pale horn handles from Ochre.  

The siding on my house is nearly finished. At least the Hardie Panels. The panels cover the entire east elevation of the house and the two big chunky sections (chunky? I don’t know. See here for  a picture). The slim horizontal west elevation will have some kind of natural wood siding. Perhaps a cedar? I’m not sure yet, but the choices are being narrowed.  The panels look really amazing and I promise some pictures soon. 

I went over to the house yesterday to check out the siding and to see what’s been going on inside. The electrician has been doing his thing and let me tell you now, this man is NOT TIDY! The house looks like a squirrel or a woodchuck has been living there since the 60s. Holes and wood shavings strewn about like confetti. O, well. The man’s gotta get me some light somehow!

Tomorrow evening I’m going to hear a symphony in the tallgrass prairie in the Flint Hills. This most definitely deserves an ‘AMEN’!  I’m going with two very special people and it makes concentrating nearly impossible. I wish, though, that I could be at two places at once. Because while I’m under the stars listening to symphonic tunes, another group of my friends will be under the stars eating the divine creations of Kendra and Aaron at the third Hungry Cellar. I’m really sad not to be eating their inspired cooking, but I’m even more sad that I won’t be back in the kitchen with Kendra feeling like a rock star.  Next time. . . and maybe next time it will be on Walnut Street.


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