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exit the dragon

July 22, 2009

Picture 1

I’m scrambling daily to make decisions about my house. I sweat, panic, get up and walk around the studio. A lot. Now I’m being asked to not only figure out every last knob and pull, but what kind of landscaping and patio scenarios I envision so that the yard is not one big muddy mess.  Believe me, when my house is finished and looking all polished and shiny I do NOT want to track in mud and such, but, listen, I need a break from the decision making. I want to drink margaritas in a flowing dressing gown up on my verandah. But, if I must, I’m considering the simplicity of the above photo for the west side elevation. Some stairs to get me in and out and a little tuft of grass to mow. The backyard (see last imagine from this post) will need time and patience. Just like new love.

PS. I think I found the photo on this site.


how i spent my summer vacation

July 21, 2009


Melvin and his muddin’ truck.

freight train

Freight Train.

Redneck Granny & Tick

Redneck Granny, Little Jane (our photographer), & Tick.

I went to East Dublin, Georgia for a photoshoot. East Dublin was throwing its 13th Annual (I think, I never saw a sign with confirmation) Summer Redneck Games. I first went with trepidation. Then changed course and went as a cultural relativist. I was there to observe and not to judge. I was there to capture authenticity. I was there to learn that teeth are not just great for chomping on corn, fried okra, and whathaveyou, but to add structure to your face. Friends: brush your teeth!


I had a farm in Africa”


cedar siding

Atlantic White Cedar Siding + Steve

cedar siding + hardie panels

Another view.


These windows are equal parts: massage, ocean breeze, soft sweater. My fears and anxieties melt when I look towards them and see the dappled light fall to the floor.

south view

My untamed view to the backyard.  I like how wild it looks right now. So lush and green. All Africa. All East Dublin, Georgia. All my own.

I have a home in NoLaw”.

surliness and splendor

July 6, 2009



Views of the east and west elevation of the house primed for painting. The color is not too far off of what it will be: Soft Chamois. I wanted the house to look like it has been beaten up by the salty ocean air for one hundred years. Maybe I should remember that I live in Kansas and not the Hamptons. Maybe. My painter has a long ponytail down to his waist. His license plate reads: WALLEYE. It is rumored that he fishes no less than 300 days per year. I appreciate his dedication. And that he didn’t roll his eyes when I explained to him about the salty ocean air + one hundred years. He just nodded and said he would use a flat finish then.


The grey that you see is the recycled newspaper insulation. A very safe and efficient alternative to that pink panther stuff that we all grew up with. It’s grey and fuzzy and currently EVERYWHERE!



The drywall is going up. The space feels tight, again. But it also is giving the space a true sense of its flow. The guys installing it are a little surly. I have no story to share because they made it clear they weren’t in the mood for chit-chatting. I can’t blame them.  Take a close look at that hallway! The electrician installed the doorbell sounder in two places because of the length. I guess he didn’t want me to miss a visitor. Do people still ring doorbells? Or do we just text that we are outside waiting?

Did you all have a good Fourth of July? Mine was filled with Splendor in the Grass. It’s amazing that if you let your mind go you can catapult yourself to Africa (drinking a bottle of wine under the canopy of an enormous tree); or France, sunbathing in a field of tallgrasses; or Germany, watching your friend whiz through cornfields on a vintage British motorcycle.  The mind is a terrible thing to waste.