how i spent my summer vacation


Melvin and his muddin’ truck.

freight train

Freight Train.

Redneck Granny & Tick

Redneck Granny, Little Jane (our photographer), & Tick.

I went to East Dublin, Georgia for a photoshoot. East Dublin was throwing its 13th Annual (I think, I never saw a sign with confirmation) Summer Redneck Games. I first went with trepidation. Then changed course and went as a cultural relativist. I was there to observe and not to judge. I was there to capture authenticity. I was there to learn that teeth are not just great for chomping on corn, fried okra, and whathaveyou, but to add structure to your face. Friends: brush your teeth!


I had a farm in Africa”


cedar siding

Atlantic White Cedar Siding + Steve

cedar siding + hardie panels

Another view.


These windows are equal parts: massage, ocean breeze, soft sweater. My fears and anxieties melt when I look towards them and see the dappled light fall to the floor.

south view

My untamed view to the backyard.  I like how wild it looks right now. So lush and green. All Africa. All East Dublin, Georgia. All my own.

I have a home in NoLaw”.


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