i’m getting a hankering for fall



And when it arrives I hope to be ready for it with a firepit like this.  I can imagine sitting back, sipping wine, feeling cozy in a thick sweater and saying ‘So long!’ to the mosquitoes. 

Why does having a full-time job ALWAYS get in the way of the reveries that I have?


5 Responses to “i’m getting a hankering for fall”

  1. leslie Says:

    That pit is swank. I’m hankering, too. I was looking at knitting patterns today, and just last night I made K & A eat boiling hot potato soup. In AUGUST. Oy.

  2. prairynation Says:

    As your Grammy would say, Testify! This weekend I, too, made potato soup. With leeks. Yes, I could have chilled it, but, no, I chose to keep it hot. WTF? (I just recently learned that one!) Do you knit?

  3. leslie Says:

    Yes, mostly socks for the kids. I’m the queen of the unfinished project, though, so there’s lots of yarn about.

  4. A.J. Says:

    Can you really build a fire pit like that? Cause I’m completely expecting one now (whenever I do get to KS). I don’t care what time of year it is–we’ll still sit out there. Of course, the drinks will be different, and maybe we’d need a kiddie pool filled with ice in summer, but the idea seems dreamy no matter what. So, get to building.

  5. prairynation Says:

    Leslie, At least yarn is pretty to look at when it’s out and about. It could be worse. Like when people collect human hair for art projects.

    A.J. Why can’t we build a fire pit like this?? That is the question. I will just have to get Mozier on it! I’m getting close, close CLOSE to finishing, so be thinking of my new home’s themed cocktail!

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