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September 28, 2009


Thinking about new looks here and here is such a delightful distraction from the bathroom tile job that is not yet finished; the kitchen countertop that is not yet underway; and the beautiful bathroom sink that arrived DAMAGED! (I said that with a low growl so that hopefully those in the customer service department will feel it in their bellies).  Maybe we all should give up on developing a new look and just invest in a pretty hair piece like the lovely lady above. Maybe my collection of Levis (and not even cool, vintage ones. Just Levis purchased at Kohls and whathaveyou) will look amazingly fresh and sweet when paired with a whimsical flower piece perched up on my head.


when a uniform works

September 25, 2009



A while back Eastside Queenie posted about searching for a new look.  I’ve definitely had moments when I think everything I own is lame-o and tired. And when I look to my little hipster college town’s streets for inspiration I’m typically horrified.  It’s either Ugg boots and Juicy Couture sweatpants that are SO 1990s or ill-fitting thrifted concoctions that leads me to believe that the college youth no longer desires to be picked up at the local watering hole (saying ‘watering hole’ and chastising the kids’ choices probably just means I’m OLD).  Anyway, the Sartorialist had this simple and lovely image on his site today. It’s kind of like a uniform. But with the sexy high heels and the green bag. . . WOW! This is a look I would like to adopt. 

So, what’s YOUR uniform for this fall?

sitting comfortably

September 18, 2009

John Derian Cove Sofa

Smart. Clean. Martinis.


Inhale Condo Sofa

Soft. Feminine. Champagne and bare feet.

I haven’t had a sofa in nearly four years. And before that I don’t think I ever sat on the one that I did have. It was in a rarely used room covered with camping gear, a guitar, and a three foot high Smurf. All a lifetime ago. Anyway, I don’t think it would be too cool to have expended all this energy on building a house with a bona fide living room that is openly connected to the kitchen and dining room only to resort to my usual habit of reading in wire chairs at the dining room table or retiring to my bedroom at, oh, 7:30PM, for lack of anywhere comfy to sit. 

Couches and sofas are so painfully ugly. My search has taken me high and low (though I have not ventured to Nebraska Furniture Mart because I think that would require lots of pills and drinks and who knows where that would lead?) and I have found NOTHING! Except for the two lovlies you see up above. The first is from John Derian. I think it is smart with clean lines. It looks like you could read the paper and discuss politics on it. The second is from ABC Carpet & Home. It’s curvy and soft and might break up the rectangularness of my house. I think you would wear caftans and be surrounded by Jane Austen novels and fashion magazines on this sofa.

Well, regardless, these both exist in my fantasies. Neither one can be picked up by a friend’s pickup truck down the road. Neither one can be purchased without me saving my pennies a little bit harder. So, when you all come over for drinks and a lively discussion, wear squishy pants and know you’ll be sitting at the dining room table.


September 16, 2009


Look at the dog in the top window. I bet he sees a lot. I love the look of this cafe. It’s dark and moody. Good for reading noir novels and drinking coffee with brandy.


September 3, 2009


The hallway.  Long and Lean.


The installation by Matt and Dave. Steve is working on the floor in the kitchen.

Truly, this floor is organic. It is swimmy and wavy and reclaimed.  Dave and I both agree that it would not be wise to partake of any hallucinogenics while hanging around this floor. Very trippy. It is not what I had envisioned. I saw pale, pale, pale uniformed maple. It is not what I envisioned, but I LOVE it. It’s good to be surprised.


The kitchen ceiling. Also reclaimed wood. Unfinished and not fussy. Rustic. I think it balances the modernity and newness of the house. I am thrilled with the end result. It’s strange to decide things and have a vision, but one that is not fully formed, and hope HOPE that it will work. That it will be cohesive and satisfying.  I still keep my fingers crossed.

And finally . . . . .


This is the detour sign that I pass to get to my soon-to-be house. I wonder, am I moving to a different neighborhood or a different time in history? Will I start wearing long cloaks and have a tryst with Merlin?

on strudel

September 3, 2009

Picture 1

 Remodelista has a post today dedicated to screened-in porches. They’re all so lovely and calm. I chose the above image to share because of the twin beds and my strong desire for a nap. I think fall invokes in us a need for quiet and nestiness.  I know that I have grumbled  A LOT about the turtle-like pace of home building. But, now, as the temperatures drop I seem to be better able to daydream about what my house is actually going to look like and feel like.  I can see myself in my kitchen cooking up big bubbling pots of this and that (in my daydream I seem to have an entire set of copper cookware instead of my mishmash of hand-me-downs).  Autumn now seems like the perfect time to move.

Tonight I think I will REALLY get a sense of what my house will look like. Last evening my floors were delivered and today they begin laying them.  I’m about ready to jump out of my skin I want to see them so bad! 

Hopefully I will have images of the floors to share tonight. If not, it’s only because I need to pack. I’m off to Switzerland tomorrow. And then to Germany. I am screaming inside with anticipation. And joy.

it’s time to getaway

September 2, 2009

Picture 4Bier. Autobahn. Schnitzel. 

Picture 1

Braids. Hot cocoa with small marshmallows. Clandestine bank accounts.

Are you intrigued?