on strudel

Picture 1

 Remodelista has a post today dedicated to screened-in porches. They’re all so lovely and calm. I chose the above image to share because of the twin beds and my strong desire for a nap. I think fall invokes in us a need for quiet and nestiness.  I know that I have grumbled  A LOT about the turtle-like pace of home building. But, now, as the temperatures drop I seem to be better able to daydream about what my house is actually going to look like and feel like.  I can see myself in my kitchen cooking up big bubbling pots of this and that (in my daydream I seem to have an entire set of copper cookware instead of my mishmash of hand-me-downs).  Autumn now seems like the perfect time to move.

Tonight I think I will REALLY get a sense of what my house will look like. Last evening my floors were delivered and today they begin laying them.  I’m about ready to jump out of my skin I want to see them so bad! 

Hopefully I will have images of the floors to share tonight. If not, it’s only because I need to pack. I’m off to Switzerland tomorrow. And then to Germany. I am screaming inside with anticipation. And joy.


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