sitting comfortably

John Derian Cove Sofa

Smart. Clean. Martinis.


Inhale Condo Sofa

Soft. Feminine. Champagne and bare feet.

I haven’t had a sofa in nearly four years. And before that I don’t think I ever sat on the one that I did have. It was in a rarely used room covered with camping gear, a guitar, and a three foot high Smurf. All a lifetime ago. Anyway, I don’t think it would be too cool to have expended all this energy on building a house with a bona fide living room that is openly connected to the kitchen and dining room only to resort to my usual habit of reading in wire chairs at the dining room table or retiring to my bedroom at, oh, 7:30PM, for lack of anywhere comfy to sit. 

Couches and sofas are so painfully ugly. My search has taken me high and low (though I have not ventured to Nebraska Furniture Mart because I think that would require lots of pills and drinks and who knows where that would lead?) and I have found NOTHING! Except for the two lovlies you see up above. The first is from John Derian. I think it is smart with clean lines. It looks like you could read the paper and discuss politics on it. The second is from ABC Carpet & Home. It’s curvy and soft and might break up the rectangularness of my house. I think you would wear caftans and be surrounded by Jane Austen novels and fashion magazines on this sofa.

Well, regardless, these both exist in my fantasies. Neither one can be picked up by a friend’s pickup truck down the road. Neither one can be purchased without me saving my pennies a little bit harder. So, when you all come over for drinks and a lively discussion, wear squishy pants and know you’ll be sitting at the dining room table.


4 Responses to “sitting comfortably”

  1. leslie Says:

    We just braved the Nebraska Furniture Mart experience—7 hours! With 2 kids! And it wasn’t so bad, I have to admit. The people watching alone is worth the drive.

    It’s remarkable how much ugly, ugly furniture is produced, but we did see a few gems. And I guess their stock rotates regularly (like weekly). And delivery is free. I tend to HATE megastores like NFM, but I have to admit they’re successful for a reason.

  2. leslie Says:

    PS, love visualizing you in a caftan.

  3. heather Says:

    I haven’t been to the store (in the river market!), but love what I’ve seen on this

    I’m desperately wanting new night stands and end tables and a coffee table. I’m sick thinking about all the time I’ve spent looking at cheap, ugly options and beautiful, gorgeous, way-outta-my-league stuff. Good luck!

  4. prairynation Says:

    All right, Leslie. You may have just convinced me to give NFM a shot. I’ll give you the time and date, so that if I don’t turn up in 24 hours and can post an APB! Speaking of the caftan, perhaps that could go into rotation with your new look?

    Heather, thanks for the website. I will definitely check it out. Oh, the hours we spend at looking at things that do not satisfy. Whether they are ugly or outta the league. . . it is time wasted, for sure!

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