when a uniform works



A while back Eastside Queenie posted about searching for a new look.  I’ve definitely had moments when I think everything I own is lame-o and tired. And when I look to my little hipster college town’s streets for inspiration I’m typically horrified.  It’s either Ugg boots and Juicy Couture sweatpants that are SO 1990s or ill-fitting thrifted concoctions that leads me to believe that the college youth no longer desires to be picked up at the local watering hole (saying ‘watering hole’ and chastising the kids’ choices probably just means I’m OLD).  Anyway, the Sartorialist had this simple and lovely image on his site today. It’s kind of like a uniform. But with the sexy high heels and the green bag. . . WOW! This is a look I would like to adopt. 

So, what’s YOUR uniform for this fall?


9 Responses to “when a uniform works”

  1. Bean Says:

    I’m all about the uniform, but I have worn the same brown corduroy jacket in the fall for at least 5-6 years now. I’m happy to say I found an eggplant colored corduroy jacket this summer and wore it for the first time today. I also bought a great fitting chartreuse blouse. Both look great with the very bright redish pink lipstick I’ve taken to wearing lately (think Aunt Bev).

  2. prairynation Says:

    Please tell me that a strand of pearls hang from your neck? My memories of you and the corduroy jacket, a simple rock t-shirt, a strand of pearls, and bright lips are as clear as day. And eggplant is a perfect fall color. I want to wear heels again this fall. And flats.

  3. heatherwgibbons Says:

    I was just crossing things off my weekend to-do list and laughed out loud when I got to “Shop for clothes that don’t also work as pajamas.” I DID try, and DID find some things, but was reminded of my recent furniture shopping experience: the affordable stuff is cheaply made and ill fitting. The expensive stuff is gorgeous, but who can afford it? : )

  4. prairynation Says:

    Heather, I KNOW! Something is always wonky about affordable clothes and then the clothes that are well-tailored and can be worn as a uniform for decades cost more than an arm and a leg. Oh, to only know how to sew well!

  5. leslie Says:

    This uniform is indeed lovely, and quite do-able for me until my love of sensible shoes ruins everything. Then like heather above, the sensible & comfortable starts to creep up my body until it looks like nap time in the office.

  6. perched « Says:

    […] Moving thru & Sitting still in Kansas. « when a uniform works […]

  7. prairynation Says:

    Ladies, I think we need to rock some cool hair pieces. Feathers. Flowers. Scraps picked up on walks thru the alley. Then we can still be sensible and comfortable!

  8. Bean Says:

    Jen, I kid you not, last Saturday night I wore a leopard print and brown flowered berrette squarely where a Varga girl would put hers. It’s Frannie’s. Dolly had bought it for her at something like a Claire’s. So much fun to wear flowers in your hair. It made my outfit.

  9. prairynation Says:

    Awe, Bean, Perfect! It makes me think of the painting you had of the lady sitting on the rock at the beach. Yes, flowers in the hair could be the way to wind down 2009.

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