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October 27, 2009

Strange that my first night sleeping at my new home will be on Halloween. Strange that I will be sleeping at my new home. I’m sorry that I haven’t posted any pictures of the progress. I’ve just been up to my eyeballs in the finishing details both big and small.  I’ve also been working on a project at work that has been both inspiring and time-consuming. But I’m not complaining. Projects that inspire and work days that disappear make me a pretty happy camper.

buster brown & dog

The wood for my front and back porch came from an old Buster Brown factory that made the boots for our soldiers in World War I.

That dog scares the hell out of me.


still perched

October 8, 2009



Pretty things for the head. Red lipstick. Maybe that’s all a lady needs .  

The house is truly coming along. My mom came for a visit in which we had hoped she would help me to unpack and put my things into tidy little places, but, alas, I am still not living there. It was fun, though, to show someone the space who has not seen it once except for the few and random shots that I place here on the blog.  The best part, though, was watching my nieces do pirouettes across my wooden floors. Where I see headaches and decisions yet unmade, they saw dance floors and secret rooms to play detective in. What a delight to watch their imaginations go wild!