Strange that my first night sleeping at my new home will be on Halloween. Strange that I will be sleeping at my new home. I’m sorry that I haven’t posted any pictures of the progress. I’ve just been up to my eyeballs in the finishing details both big and small.  I’ve also been working on a project at work that has been both inspiring and time-consuming. But I’m not complaining. Projects that inspire and work days that disappear make me a pretty happy camper.

buster brown & dog

The wood for my front and back porch came from an old Buster Brown factory that made the boots for our soldiers in World War I.

That dog scares the hell out of me.


3 Responses to “strange”

  1. leslie Says:

    I think that dog was drawn by someone who had never SEEN a dog, but had one described to them.

    How did the new-home sleepover go?

  2. prairynation Says:

    The new home sleepover did not happen when I hoped. Stinkin’ rain delayed my driveway being poured and then the inspector did not approve my occupancy because I forgot to hang up the house numbers!! But, BUT, I did snooze there on Nov. 2, the full moon, and it was G O O D.! Thank you for asking!

  3. Bean Says:

    Oh, happy happy happy for Jen! Now, come to Mpls for an ikea shopping trip to fill it up. Or, you could give me a list of things I could bring down to you at Christmas time. Happy Birthday!

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