am i here?


I feel like a stranger in my own home. I went to the grocery store last evening after work and then drove home (at least I didn’t drive to the wrong house) and then stared at the grocery sacks because I didn’t know where to put their contents. And then I heated up some spaghetti sauce that my sister had made and I didn’t know where to eat it. Yes, at a table and a chair, but. . . it just felt weird. I felt exposed in my house without window treatments. Were the neighbors looking in at the lady with the cat eating a bowl of spaghetti by herself?

I’m currently obsessed with iammav where the above image (and the one from the previous post) originates.


2 Responses to “am i here?”

  1. kate Says:

    hooray! i can’t wait to see pictures. i’m so glad you’re moved in–getting settled must be fun after so much time to think about things! xoxo, kate.

    • prairynation Says:

      It seems to me, Kate, that the more exciting thing is what moved into your belly!!!! Congratulations on that big change! I should be finally settled by the time Wee McCord arrives, so the three of you will have a refuge from Manhattan visits if you ever need them! xoxox

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