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O, muse!

January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kansas! What a sweet, sweet place you’ve been to me. I’m sorry for all the times I not-so-secretly cursed at you for that which I thought you lacked. Truly, you are a dynamic state and one which provokes such strong feelings from many.



January 27, 2010

I will be heading straightaway to the Love Garden when I get home this evening to buy this album. Only wish I had a bitchin’ sound system to play it on. Aw, well.

born identity

January 27, 2010

You know, I’ve realized, and not just recently, that this blog has no feet. No clear identity. I guess, if I think on it, it’s a little bit like myself.  There are such beautiful blogs out there on food, trends, style, design, fashion, wine, photography . . . it’s overwhelming, at times. But I’m glad they exist and I’m kind of glad that mine still exists, too. Thanks for putting up with the randomness of Prairynation.

So, about the photo above? It provokes an intense desire to read an old-fashioned newspaper. Lazily. And with someone I love who is cool with reading the paper at the breakfast table and not being offended if we each take a different section and skip the chatter for a spell. Until we’re just too wound up about a story and MUST SHARE. And Burberry plaid. Or, maybe it provokes in me a desire to retire, say, tomorrow, so that I can actually find time to sit down lazily with my beloved and read an old-fashioned paper and not be focused on getting to the grocery store and mopping up all the salt off my floors from our overly salted city streets and doing laundry and somehow discovering and nuturing an as-of-yet hidden talent. Whew.

puppy love

January 26, 2010

We photographed this little guy yesterday at the studio. He was riding a little toboggan. He had on a little scarf made to look as if it were breezily blowing in the wind. I think he was a girl. And I really really REALLY wanted to take her home with me. Why must I be practical?

with the Internet, your pals are always around the corner

January 21, 2010

I’ve spent a good part of this week brainstorming concepts for Christmas 2010. That’s a tough task when I’d rather be thinking about sandals, gardening, and all- around outdoor loafing. So often, when this happens, I seek solace and inspiration from my friend A.J.’s blog. It’s full of literary goodness and cocktailian spirituality. A very good source for inspiration, indeed! And today I was not disappointed. In fact, I’ve giggled quite a bit with the above video filled with ol’ timey friends and a great sounding recipe. Cheers!

a breathy, ‘oh’

January 20, 2010

Oh, those ladies at Sunday Suppers make me swoon.

snowballs in the kitchen?

January 13, 2010

It’s easy to get all complainy about work sometimes. Especially on a Wednesday when you’re neither here nor there. But then, sometimes, you walk into the communal kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea and you find a perfectly round snowball sitting on a lunch tray. A little melty, but obviously carefully formed and set out for some reason. And then you remember that you work at a place where it’s not at all unusual for a snowball to be hanging out melting in the communal kitchen. And then Hump Day is kind of okay.

certainly it’s never too late?

January 13, 2010

Yes, those are the Swiss Alps behind me. And, yes, I am lame for JUST NOW uploading a picture from my trip to Switzerland onto this here blog.

it’s a balmy 27 degrees outside

January 12, 2010

Yet I find myself really wanting to get away to somewhere, say, even a little balmier, or, a little more AWAY FROM KANSAS!  The fellow and I almost convinced each other that we were going to sneak away to Colorado for the weekend. I saw us all bundled up wearing snowshoes and sipping warming beverages from a flask and then looking up into the night sky while soaking our tired bodies in a hot spring.  But I have a strong feeling that life got in the way of this reverie.


January 4, 2010

Happy New Year, friends! I want to wish you all oodles of comfort, joy, love, adventure and peace. My time off from work was not filled with projects and baking like I had thought. Instead, it was filled with a big fat blue moon, gobs of fluffy snow, and late night walks along creek beds. Things I hadn’t taken the time to realize that I needed.

I haven’t yet sat down and made my list of resolutions. The thought gets me a little panicky, and all things considered, I DON’T NEED PANICKY!  I saw this picture on my desktop today and it put me into a quiet sort of mood. It’s me and my family and boy, are we filled with joy and light! I mean, my hair practically GLOWS!  So, although this is not an official resolution, I do want to try to remember to let go and feel some of that ol’ timey goodness. 

And you? What are your resolutions for 2010? Think about it and tell me. I read somewhere today that energy follows thought.

I likey.