Happy New Year, friends! I want to wish you all oodles of comfort, joy, love, adventure and peace. My time off from work was not filled with projects and baking like I had thought. Instead, it was filled with a big fat blue moon, gobs of fluffy snow, and late night walks along creek beds. Things I hadn’t taken the time to realize that I needed.

I haven’t yet sat down and made my list of resolutions. The thought gets me a little panicky, and all things considered, I DON’T NEED PANICKY!  I saw this picture on my desktop today and it put me into a quiet sort of mood. It’s me and my family and boy, are we filled with joy and light! I mean, my hair practically GLOWS!  So, although this is not an official resolution, I do want to try to remember to let go and feel some of that ol’ timey goodness. 

And you? What are your resolutions for 2010? Think about it and tell me. I read somewhere today that energy follows thought.

I likey.


5 Responses to “twenty-oh-ten”

  1. leslie Says:

    I love resolutions, so much so that I needed to hold back this year. So: (1) to be more engaged and present in my everyday life (this can be related to your commitment to old timey goodness), and (2) a triathlon. Crazy.

  2. prairynation Says:

    Leslie, I think those are so well-balanced! Being engaged and present can sometimes be hard to define and quantify, but are most definitely necessary. The triathlon is completely tangible with steps and how-tos and whathaveyous. I think I need to add a tangible one. I’ll work on that!

  3. alexis Says:

    The photograpg brought up such sadness and joy. You all were glowing that day. I wish I could have seen it first hand.
    My new friend and I have found seperate paths. I will be thankful for his prayer to help me find a son that I lost and for being a catalyst for remaining Marlboro free! Woo Hoo. I faced the night alone and triumphed. I remembered how to pray.

    • prairynation Says:

      Awe, Mom. Thanks for checking in! Let’s have a real conversation soon! A new year is a good time for great things!

  4. alexis Says:

    I read your blogs all the time. I touch you there.

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