born identity

You know, I’ve realized, and not just recently, that this blog has no feet. No clear identity. I guess, if I think on it, it’s a little bit like myself.  There are such beautiful blogs out there on food, trends, style, design, fashion, wine, photography . . . it’s overwhelming, at times. But I’m glad they exist and I’m kind of glad that mine still exists, too. Thanks for putting up with the randomness of Prairynation.

So, about the photo above? It provokes an intense desire to read an old-fashioned newspaper. Lazily. And with someone I love who is cool with reading the paper at the breakfast table and not being offended if we each take a different section and skip the chatter for a spell. Until we’re just too wound up about a story and MUST SHARE. And Burberry plaid. Or, maybe it provokes in me a desire to retire, say, tomorrow, so that I can actually find time to sit down lazily with my beloved and read an old-fashioned paper and not be focused on getting to the grocery store and mopping up all the salt off my floors from our overly salted city streets and doing laundry and somehow discovering and nuturing an as-of-yet hidden talent. Whew.


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