those eyes

What I find utterly wonderful about this man found here is that I can very easily imagine sitting down with him to share a dinner of oysters and champagne. Or, squirrel and moonshine.

The desire to dine with this gentleman is not as strong as the one above, but I like this portrait, too, found here. I suppose, though, that the obvious choice of nibbley would be chocolate.

The beards may seem like the common denominator of why I pulled these two photos together, but, truly, it’s the intensity of the eyes.  Tell me, when you look at a portrait do you envision dinners or conversations or something else entirely? The lighting? The setting?  I’m interested in knowing your thoughts.


2 Responses to “those eyes”

  1. leslie Says:

    I am trying to channel more Satorialist in my life, as my wardrobe needs some serious funking up. Some day I dream of adopting a thoroughly Swedish/Portugese/English/Cosmopolitan accent, donning a turban and some really red lipstick and going about my day, but alas, I think I’m a bit too young for that yet.

    These portraits are stunning. I love portraits—you don’t see them enough these days. I encourage Tim to take more, as he has captured some wonderful ones, but he assures me it’s much harder than it looks. I believe him.

  2. prairynation Says:

    Leslie, I’m about ready to channel ANYTHING that does not involve road salt, mud, or layers! I’m officially done with Winter! I agree, not enough portraits out there. There is so much Street Style and such that portraiture seems a little lost. Get Tim on it!

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