Martin & Osa

My friend Kylie and Brett introduced me to Martin and Osa several years ago. Two Kansas kids looking for adventure away from the tumbleweeds and windy plains. They found it in Africa and beyond. It sounds romantic and dreamy. Visiting the museum in Chanute, KS sounds like a fun road trip. Not this weekend, though. Tonight I’m having a sleepover with my nieces to celebrate SPRING BREAK 2010!!!!!!!!! What are you all doing this weekend?

Photo by Steve Hebert for the New York Times.


3 Responses to “Martin & Osa”

  1. heatherwgibbons Says:

    Over the weekend we watched a PBS program about Kansas – the Flint Hills, Lucas, Lindsborg, Conway — amazing! I’ve only seen Kansas from 1-70 on the way to Colorado. Scott changed the oil pump in my car in Hays once. We call it Hades because it was about 107 degrees that day! Oh, and once we drove to see the Flint Hills but couldn’t find them. Obviously we didn’t plan that trip very well.

  2. prairynation Says:

    Eeeeww, Heather, you need a Kansas redo. Lucas (the Garden of Eden) is a must. As is the Konza Prairie, which is near where I grew up. Let’s plan a little field trip!

  3. A.J. Says:

    I can’t remember what I did that weekend, but the slumber party sounds fun. I can tell you what I’ll be doing the weekend of May 8th though (at least that day)–signing copies of Dark Spirits at the Taproom. So, put that on your calendar. Funny in a way to put it in a blog comment, but the weekend question above made me think of it. That and the “looking for adventure” because that’s what I come to KS for, naturally.

    PS: This is not an April Fools’ joke. It’s drinkingly serious.

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