Hello. Welcome to Prairynation. I’m a photo producer living in Lawrence, Kansas. Come back and visit often.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. rick Says:

    s m o o c h

  2. Do Bianchi Says:

    Wasn’t Langston Hughes from Lawrence Kansas? Great blog, came across it via the randomly generated related posts… blog on! 🙂

    • prairynation Says:

      Thank you for checking out my blog and the compliment! Yes, Langston Hughes was from Lawrence, KS. The house that he lived in with his grandmother was just around the corner from where I used to live. I’m now off to check out your blog. Cheers.

  3. Sorcha Hyland Says:

    This is beautiful! I especially love the photograph of the second most “wanted” co-diner guy. How did it take me until now to learn about this!!!x

    • prairynation Says:

      Aww, Sorx! Thanks for visiting my site and taking a peek around. Please come back. Better yet, let’s meet in person! xo

  4. Sorcha Hyland Says:

    Yes, I would like to connect soon, as your time permits. I love the layering blog by the way, what style you have lady. Maybe we can connect before David of the shorty shorts appears….? I’ll email soon.

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